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Where the Moon Keeps Her Heart

Book One in The Moon Isle Chronicles

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A small village in the Carpathian Mountains, fabulous views, new year's Christmas look, th

In the deep quiet of an autumn night, soon after her fourteenth birthday, something stirs Fjörna awake.  It might be the moon, or maybe it’s the wind.  Whatever it is, something inside of her awakens, and her life is never the same again.

Fjörna was raised to believe that women don’t fall in love with women, and that magical creatures only live in stories; but as she feels the pangs of first love, she also begins to explore the unchartered territory of her magic.  Soon, she is propelled out of her sheltered life, and down a path that leads straight to the royal palace, and Princess Ichante, who’s destiny is powerfully entwined with her own.

Ichante is heir to the throne of Staerjka.  She has the skill and swagger of a strapping young prince, and a blazing heart that presses her to action at every turn.  She is thrust into maturity when her father, the king, falls mysteriously ill.  Devastated by the near certainty of his death, she seeks high and low for a way to save his life.  The only stone left unturned is the one that no one believes in: magic.  Its pursuit leads her to uncovering a dark family secret, one that she must make right in order to save her kingdom, no matter the cost.

Together, Fjörna and Ichante embark on a quest of epic proportions that mirrors a path of personal transformation. They come to understand that the people who love us, can’t always see us, and that sometimes we have to step into the unknown in order to live our truest life.  They discover the value of deep listening, and that personal empowerment can only come with embracing one’s own authentic nature. Ultimately, they learn that the only way to heal their broken kingdom, is to heal the divide present in their own hearts.

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